Hand made Hammered Dulcimers

1354 Shelby St Suite A

Indianapolis, IN 46203


The Meadowlark

The Meadowlark 13/12 hammered dulcimer, built with the student in mind, has been in production for over twenty years. Fun and intuitive to play the Meadowlark, with its standard string spacing of 1 1/8", is the perfect instrument to build your foundation. Constructed from quality materials; the Meadowlark boasts hard maple pin blocks, a walnut frame and comes standard with a Baltic birch-ply top.


The Traveler

The Traveler 14/13 hammered dulcimer, designed with the traveling musician in mind, is a step above the Meadowlark. Offering a larger playing range more in line with larger instruments in the same small package. The Traveler is perfectly suited for musician on the go and it's bright tone will be heard in any jam. The Traveler comes standard with a Baltic birch-ply top and sound hole rosette.

This instrument is also available with a beautiful, solid Mahogany top whose sound will sweeten the more you play it. 


The Navigator

The Navigator 15/14 hammered dulcimer is newest addition to the White River Dulcimer Co family of instruments. Offering the standard 15/14 range in a compact package and built off the back of the Traveler, the Navigator stretches the limits to push your playing forward. Shown here with a custom finish, this instrument comes standard with a Baltic birch-ply top, natural finish, Breton sound hole rosette, and is also available with a solid-Mahogany top.


The new White River Dulcimer Custom Shop is now open and offers customization on all of our instruments. Check it out HERE.





Our hammers are made from the same quality wood as our instruments and come in two varieties. The Single sided hammers are a take on the simple spoon style hammer come standard with all of our instruments. Our double sided hammers give the player more versatility with an inlaid leather strip on one side.


Traveler Damper Kit

After eight months of development, White River Dulcimer Company is proud to announce the Traveler Damper Kit. This kit is designed to retrofit new and old Traveler 14/13 hammered dulcimers to give new life and new versatility to your instrument. 


Stands and Cases

White River Dulcimer Co stands are just what you need to get up and playing. Made from radial-cut poplar and finished with fine brass hardware, this stand is sturdy and light-weight. Available in two sizes: sitting and standing.

White River Dulcimer Co soft cases are light-weight and strong. Made from rugged Nylon, this case will fit your instrument snugly - protecting it whether you're in-between lessons or on your way to a jam.